Friday, April 18, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fuzzy Daddy Presents Expecting To Fly Vol.02

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose
Nothin' don't mean nothin' honey if it ain't free
But feeling good was easy Lord, when she sang the blues

Fly Vol.02

Monday, April 14, 2014

Fuzzy Daddy Presents Expecting To Fly Vol.01

There she stood on the edge of her feather
Expecting to fly
Soon she's gon' to fly away
Her sadness is her own
Leave beside her bath of tears
She'll go home

Fly Vol.01

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fuzzy Daddy Presenta Aragon, Mosica y Borinas Vol.1

Aragon, Mosica y Borinas series, is special for us. The music comes from Spain and the province of Aragon, in the north of the country. The idea and the reason to make this series is the personal relationship, friendship and mutual respect that connects the contributors of this blog with the wonderful
This series is dedicated first of all to brother Jose and his partner in life Sebi and of course to all the beautiful people of this special corner of the world. A great and proud country with many areas untouched by time. The snowcapped peaks of the Pyrenees, the lonely plains, the magnificent canyons with abundant waters, those beautiful houses, are images that fascinate and excite the mind.
So, this first part is closer to the musical tradition and the colors of the region and includes some traditional and some contemporary artists. Enjoy!

Mosica y Borinas Vol.1

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Amigo Del Blues Presenta Anecdoradio Volumen 2

Every two weeks you will be able to find here a collection with some of the songs presented by brother Juan on his AnecdoRadio Show, on Radio UAA, every Thursday evening from 22.30 to 24.00 a.m. (Mexico Time). Enjoy!

Anecdoradio Vol.2

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Crazy Mama Presents - Surströmming - Rock Around Sweden Vol.7

If you feel you had enough Surströmming by now, and you think you cant handle anymore, i have some good news for you. This is the last one. I don't know if i will make more of this in the future, or anyone else here that would like to continue the series, sure thing is for the moment this is the end....

Rock Around Sweden Vol.7

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Innocent76 Presents Over The Rainbow 2013 Favourites Vol.01

We have already presented this great new forum called,in which we participate too. It is created by some Greek friends that used to run Lost-in-Tyme blog and will soon enter the second year of existence. It is open for everyone to register and post every kind of music. Apart from the old and less known bands,there is a section presenting new releases which is developing in one of the most interesting topics of the forum. Based on this,we present the series of Over The Rainbow favourite releases of 2013 and we are pretty sure that you are going to discover very interesting stuff in these.Enjoy !

Over The Rainbow 2013 Favs Vol.1

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Smartnoise Presents - NativeTongues

Cholo Visceral - Cholo Visceral (Tóxiko Records/GOD records 2013)

Boozetunes is proud to present GOD Records Garden Of Dreams
Cholo Visceral - Cholo Visceral ( 2013 )

Review on our first release of "Cholo Visceral" by Valor Medius Havoc Aquarian:
When we think of Peruvian rock naturally the first bands come to mind are Traffic Sound, Telegraph
Avenue, Los Saicos and so on...
When we progress forward to today there is quite the new revival scene going on in Peru and for most
leading the way in the roots of the psychedelic underground scene is a band called Cholo Visceral hailing from Lima, Peru...
Cholo Visceral is composed up of 6 members ages between 20-25 which create a high energy charged blast and an unmistakable sound frenzy delight for your ears complete with Horn, Drum and Guitar interplay of psychedelic Jazz not unlike early Miles Davis inprov with Pete Cosey,
...This leaves one begging for more!!! Cholo Visceral's sound is tight with the classic Latin hints of past and new, wonderful time phrasings and this album is purely intense and all instrumental [for those who are worried about language barriers]
Peru has always host to an astonishing variety of musical traditions that have managed to evolve concurrently... More astonishing, Peruvians as a whole seem to have embraced these traditions regardless of their class, regional or ethnic backgrounds and no doubt Cholo Visceral is now stepping up to take it's well deserved place in the great musical traditions and sounds we know and love from Peru...So kick back with you a nice cold Chicha de Jora and enjoy Cholo Visceral you will be amazed as i was and i cant wait to hear whats coming next from these fine lads...
La Rataza is the title cut which grabs you fast and dosen't let go!!! Track 3 Silvia Escarmiento and 4 Kión are personal favorites and take full advantage of guitar solos, finely crafted sound treatments slightly off kilter drumming [i love] and spacial euphoria...
Kevin Lara - Guitar
Arturo Quispe - Guitar
Manuel Villavicencio - Bass
Joao Orosco - Drum
Max Vega - Alto Saxophone
Nagel Diaz ( Dj Aeon ) - Sound effects

Special Guest:
Armando Córdova - Violin ( Luzbel: El Pasaje Infernal )




Available on G.O.D.Records: